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SS-BL-E1013 LED Soft Flood Box Light For Auto Show

SS-BL-E1013 LED Soft Flood Box Light For Auto Show

The Flood Box is perfect for any venue or space with its simple setup and no drama installation. The Flood Box is a perfect focal piece for any commercial or private building, space, or venue with its brilliant 6500K White Light and 110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating.

The 1000W Flood Box comes in an aluminum frame alongside a Polycarbonate Cover which is perfect for long-term durability, style, and easy modification. 

Universal voltage 100-220V 6500k or 3500k available 120 lm/w luminous flux rating Easy set up Designed for bright light to work under.Soft box lights E1013Soft box lights E1013 PSoft box lights E1013 SIZE

Item Code SS-BL-E1013
Space Size W3.2m*L5m*H0.1m
Qty. 12pcs color matching lights+1.6*4m lighting box
Specification Voltage AC100-220V
Power 1000W
Luminous Flux 110-120lm/w
CRI. >70
CCT. 6500K  (White) 
Material Aluminum+UVFilm
Remarks 1. Pls prepare an 8mm fireproof plate for assembling;
2. Parts list: 12pcs color matching lights (3color) +1.6*4m lighting box  (without plate)
3 red for the color matching light frame, not included, for your reference only.

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